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Northwest Woodturners, founded in 1995, is a non-profit, volunteer organization comprised of nearly two hundred members who share a common passion for woodturning.

When you join NWWT, you become part of a big and diverse family - people who enjoy the art of woodturning. We produce bowls, hollow forms, spindles, pens, boxes, platters, 3D sculptures and all sorts of innovative pieces that are utilitarian in nature or are artistic for display.

We embellish our pieces with glass, stone, metal, clay, nails, and experiment with a rainbow of colors; creating whatever our imagination suggests.

Have an idea but not sure how to start? Talk with others in a meeting or post a question on our forum, and members will do their best to help you.

Of special interest to NWWT are beginners who are interested in learning the craft. Our internal classes are focused on the basics to get you started on the right path. Our classes with master turners teach our advanced members techniques that are challenging and fun. 

Community Service

NWWT is dedicated to serving the community by passing on the art of woodturning to anyone in the community, young and old, male or female. Our members donate hand-made items to be used by local non-profit organizations in auctions to raise money. Members also work with local high schools by donating their time to educate students in the art of woodturning.

NWWT has a "estate program" that will help the family of deceased woodworkers to sell or distribute their tools and materials.NWWT has a "estate program" that will help the family of deceased woodworkers to sell or distribute their tools and materials.


NWWT meets once a month presenting woodworking demonstrations and/or speakers. These meetings, on the first Thursday of every month, are generally held at The Multnomah Arts Center in Multnomah VIllage. Non-members and anyone in the community are welcome to attend at no charge.

Meetings include a member challenge, show-and-tell, and wood raffle. Members may also borrow from the chapter's outstanding library of turning-related books, magazines and videos.

Because of COVID, we now meet on-line and feature all of the same demonstrators as if we were still live but not streamed to your computer.

Seminars & Classes

Numerous seminars and classes are presented throughout the year for woodworkers with all levels of experience. Topics range from basic techniques for beginners to advanced topics for more advanced turners. Several times a year we feature nationally recognized demonstrators for our meetings followed by 2 days of classes. Seminars are open to both members and non-members.

Recent Presenters include:

Stuart Batty (Technique) Glenn Lucas (Bowls)
Nick Stagg (Small Boxes) Derek Weidman (Multi-Axis Turning)
Christian Burchard  Carl Jacobson (Boxes)
Reed Gray (Turning Skills) Tania Radda (Cold Bending Wood)
Richard Dlugo (Toys) Dale Larson (Harvesting Wood)


NWWT publishes a monthly newsletter with articles of woodturning interest, reports of events, notes, comments, tips and classified ads. The newly designed NWWT website communicates current information about activities.

Member's work is professionally photographed and featured in our award-winning newsletter each month.

Club Store

Northwest Woodturners maintains a store of commonly needed supplies for members at fantastic prices. Consumable supplies include a wide variety of sandpaper (sheets and discs) in multiple grits, CA glue, green wood sealer, and recordings of past meeting demonstrations. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.


NWWT is generously supported by local sponsors in the wood industry, many of whom offer discounts on purchases of select items. Sponsors include Rockler, Woodcraft, Woodcrafters, Milwaukie Hardwoods, 


NWWT participates in a number of shows during the year to provide a venue for members to sell their products as well as participate in the Arts and Crafts community. Members have the opportunity to display and/or sell their work and NWWT recruits new members.

Become a Member

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Become a Member


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Northwest Woodturners
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 Northwest Woodturners is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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